Normand Carle
Chinchillas Breeder

641, Chemin Val-des-lacs
Sainte-Sophie (Québec)
J5J 2S7

(30 minutes north of Montreal)
Home phone : (450) 304-4096


What I like to eat:

My food is especially made for me from pellets.  As well, I also like a bit of  hay. From time to time, I like a California raisin or a small piece of apple but just as a treat.  I have sensitive intestines so I prefer not to have too many treats. Fresh daily water is very important.


I really enjoy sand baths.  They are very important to me because it keeps my fur clean.  Normally, I take a bath once or twice a week.  I do not mind if you watch me. In fact, I couldn't put on a better show for you.


Remember, since I am a rodent.  All parts of my cage should be of gnaw-proof material or heavy resin-free. Wiring should be 1/2 inch by 1 inch because my babies could pass through a hole as small as 1 inch.  I need a fairly large sized cage with some platforms to go up and down. The bottom of my cage should have a deep pan made of resistant plastic or galvanized tin. This is to place my shavings in.



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